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Those of you running AdWords campaigns know that Google assigns a Quality Score to each keyword in a campaign. This score can have dramatic effects on your campaign performance and can give you an edge if you know how to increase your score.

1.Quality Score is a dynamic variable assigned to each of your keywords that essentially affects your ad rank and the cost per click. So for a higher Quality Score, you can achieve a higher ranking at a lower cost. So how is a Quality Score determined? There are three factors:

Click-through rate (CTR)
Ad relevance – the relevance of the keyword or search query to the ad
Landing page – the relevance and reputation of your landing page to the ad and the search query

2. Optimize keyword ad copy. Choose ad copy that is closely tailored to your keywords. This will increase the relevance of your keywords to each of your ads. Not only will this help you increase your Quality Score, but it will also help to increase your click-through rate. Be sure to get your keywords into your ad copy as well. You can do this manually or use dynamic keyword insertion (DKI), which can insert them automatically.

3. Target your landing pages. Your landing pages should be designed to contain content that uses your targeted keywords for each ad group. It may not be practical to design a landing page for each ad group, but it will help to increase relevancy. A highly relevant landing page will also help you with increased conversions. If your searchers read your ad, then click through and they land on a page that fulfills their expectations, then you are likely to have happy visitors that may turn into customers.

4. Decrease your landing page load times. Landing page load time has become an important consideration in calculating Quality Score. Take the time to check the load times on each of your landing pages and see what can be done to reduce them. Some of the factors that contribute to longer load times are:

Meta refreshes
Slow redirects
Multiple redirects
Interstitial pages
Slow server
Large page size

These tips will help you streamline your campaigns, increase your Quality Score, and help you be more competitive. The fruits will be higher ad placement, which will lead to higher click-through rates and lower minimum bids for keywords, which means lower campaign costs. It is well worth the effort.

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