A research to find out who your audience is and what they actually want #MiniBlog

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PPC Expert Delhi
PPC Expert Delhi

1.Research your ideal reader : Some time Your actual audience have less time to be in touch with you online, so say Hi to near and dears of them like some time to reach a busy doctor you can send message through MR.

  1. Demographics :
  • Male or female?
  • Age range
  • Single or married?
  • Kids or no kids
  1.  Psychographics
  • What new you are giving to them free?
  • Why they should talk to you?
  • What websites do they frequent?
  • What media does they consume?
  1. Advantage & Disadvantage
  • What you are giving to them & why they should read, watch or listen to you.
  • Some time forget your professional objective and speak about the real problems

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