Increase Website Traffic With Pay-Per-Click Advertising

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PPC Expert Delhi
PPC Expert Delhi

The fastest and easiest way to generate leads through social media advertising is with the good ol’ pay-per-click model (PPC), where you pay for each visit to your site.

A few tips: Carefully optimize your landing page to collect lead information. Landing page content must be related to the advertisement that points to it, and the page must offer a compelling reason for a lead to provide their details.

  • Include pictures of faces to add warmth and make your landing page more personal.
  • Tune your call-to-action (CTA) wording: There are plenty of options to word both your call-to-action button and the action triggers. Test your variations to find the phrasing that converts the best.
  • Create a separate landing page for each social media channel. Twitter users are lurkers, Linkedin users are business-oriented, and Facebook users love a personal approach. Use different landing pages with different appeal techniques to convert each group.
  • Track events. Use Google Analytics to track lead conversions from your PPC campaigns.
  • Using Facebook? Experiment with combinations of ad offers and landing pages (Wish pond has a handful of good examples).

For LinkedIn ad campaigns, use business-oriented offers and wording. For example, LinkedIn users are more inclined to download case studies and white papers, so try offering those in exchange for lead details.

A good way to catch an eye of a Twitter user is to show them familiar face. Use Twitter cards to promote testimonials or quotes from well-known niche Twitter influencers and turn social media lurkers into leads.

Blogging: This can be a good source of leads, but you need to a) constantly publish new content, b) hope your blog posts get shared a lot, and c) have a lot of blog subscribers. This takes time.

Email: You can repeatedly email your existing subscribers, or you can rent or buy a list of email addresses and hope you’re targeting great new leads for your business.

Social media: This can get you new followers and fans and expose you to new prospects. However, it doesn’t mean those followers are in your target market or need your product or service.

Organic search: Organic ranking is the top of the heap. Approximately 85 percent of search clicks come from page one organic listings, and the clicks are free! The only problem is you’re competing with thousands of others for those positions, and you’ve got to do a ton of on- and off-page SEO work and wait months, maybe years, to get to page one.

PPC: You can instantly appear on page one and be in front of people who are searching for your solution to their problem. More people are aware of you and what you have to offer than before. Bingo!

Yes, PPC is a channel you pay for by the click. Do keep in mind, though, that no marketing channel is free. Someone has to manage social media, write the blogs, work with the SEO agency (not free), and publish the emails—and those people don’t do it for free.

Benefits of PPC for Lead Generation:

  • Attract visitors who are looking for what you offer
  • Achieve immediate keyword rankings and traffic
  • Bid on various stages of the funnel
  • Control the message for each funnel stage
  • See what people are searching for and craft your message to their needs
  • Know more about your leads and their behavior
  • Track ROI down to the penny
  • Grow your database of leads and market to them with other methods

Things to notice:

  • Very few fields to fill in = increased response
  • Simple bullet point list of benefits
  • Testimonial and short client list
  • Free offer in exchange for information
  • Trust and credibility proof

Try dynamic number insertion (DNI). DNI allows you to dynamically change the phone number that appears in your ads and on landing pages. This ensures your call representatives know what type of keyword triggered the call. You’re then better able to route calls to the right reps in your organization. Two of the better known providers are if by phone and Call Rail.

Invest in a solid CRM. Tracking your leads and staying in touch with them can become overwhelming—fast. A CRM (customer relationship management) program allows you to record who contacted you, what they were interested in, and what happened. You can then classify your leads and engage with them via email or a phone call. There are tons of CRM companies out there, but some of the more popular ones are Infusionsoft, Zoho, and Salesforce.

Focus on a “new” KPI. In PPC we’re usually talking about metrics like cost-per-click and conversion rate. In lead gen, though, one of the major key performance indicators is cost-per-lead (CPL). It’s simple to calculate: [Overall cost of PPC campaign / number of leads = CPL]. In short, it will reveal how much you’re paying for your leads and will drive your decision-making process.

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