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stumbleupon-day-5-40-day-challenge-inspiringmompreneurs-com_Social Media is changing day by day and all credit goes to technology. It may be possible that you are not aware about the real technicality behind the seen but still you can enjoy it. Technology is a great servant and the main objective of all this procedure is to save time, money and reduce human efforts smartly.

In this article you will learn how to use a smart tool (Stumbleupon) for different objectives. Your objective can be different from others like someone want to generate traffic for his website, other want leads for the business, it can be branding, Awareness etc.

Setup Stumble-upon: Login to this tool By Email Id, Also you can connect it by Facebook or Google plus. Complete your profile section use the image which you use for other Social profiles. It is not the condition but it will help you to connect easily when you invite your friends by stumble-upon.

Install the Stumble upon toolbar: - You can get it for chrome, Firefox or other browsers, easily from different stores. Now you have to click on the stumble button and the result will show on the screen. There would be two options the one is you can like this piece of information or dislike it.

Choose your Interest: it is the key step of stumble upon you have to choose the interest and SU system will provide you result according to your selection. You can filter it by selecting your interest from drop down. You should be very careful when you are selecting your interest because you will awarded if you will care for the system of SU.

How It Works: When you will press the stumble button the result will come on your screen then you will have two choices you can like it or dislike it. When you like it, it will be smartly put the result page in the que for other tumblers and thus SU system will maintain the best interaction for their users.

Boost Your Traffic by Stumble-upon: When you see a result page on your screen and if you like it then make a note of it and use as a comment. The more relevant will your comment and information the more you will appreciated on SU because your information will reduce the human efforts so the result would be more followers then what you are waiting for. Keep Stumbling.

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