A Proven Lead Generation Strategies That Will Boost Your Sales – Google Analytics.

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Every Business needs a smart tracking system it can be related to your money or it can be for the web traffic. If you are able to track each point of the online business process by a smart tool then you can hold your online business easily. Google analytics is a tool which provides many features to measure your business process.

User Flow: Always keep an eye on your user flow graph as it will keep help you to monitor your weak points in terms of content. Suppose you are getting users to your website and they are note reaching to the main targeted page may be a service page or your contact us page.it means that there is need of a strategically change in content.

Content strategy totally depends on the business objective so it will differ in each case. You can divide your content in categories. It can be a “Marketing strategy based piece of content” or a “Sales Strategy Based Piece of Content” and also you can add other categories like Informative content or it can related to branding of your product or service that kind of content get result in a definite time period so hold your horses till its work.

One thing is key in online business and that is direct traffic if your direct traffic is increasing with time it means you are on right track.  If nothing like this then arrange something on the website for those who did not convert in the customers but get something from your website they will return and definitely it will positively affect your returning visitor matrix.

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